AIRBOX Aligns with New ASHRAE Guidelines to Enhance Indoor Air Quality Solutions

[LAS VEGAS, 06/27/23] – AIRBOX, a leading provider of indoor air quality solutions, is thrilled to announce its full compliance with the recently updated ASHRAE guidelines under 241p. These revised guidelines offer crucial recommendations for the design, installation, and operation of ventilation systems in commercial and institutional buildings.

As an organization committed to delivering safe and healthy indoor environments, AIRBOX has taken significant strides to ensure that its products and services meet the latest industry standards. With a wide array of ventilation solutions, AIRBOX aims to enhance indoor air quality and minimize the risk of airborne transmission of viruses and other contaminants.

Jeremy Franks, a spokesperson for AIRBOX, expressed his enthusiasm, stating:

“Our team has been closely monitoring the updates to the ASHRAE guidelines, and we are pleased to offer solutions that fully align with these recommendations. Recognizing the critical importance of clean and healthy indoor environments, especially in light of the ongoing pandemic, we are steadfast in assisting our customers to achieve this paramount goal.”

AIRBOX’s comprehensive range of solutions includes unparalleled air cleaners and scrubbers meticulously designed to effectively remove pollutants and optimize air quality. Additionally, the company offers exceptional consulting services to help customers evaluate their specific indoor air quality requirements and develop tailored solutions accordingly.

With the implementation of the new ASHRAE guidelines, AIRBOX is ideally positioned to aid businesses and institutions in creating safer and healthier indoor environments. By providing high-quality ventilation solutions and expert guidance, the company plays a pivotal role in ensuring that indoor spaces prioritize the safety and well-being of occupants.


AIRBOX is a leading provider of indoor air quality solutions, dedicated to delivering clean, healthy, and safe environments. With an extensive range of ventilation products and consulting services, AIRBOX helps businesses and institutions optimize indoor air quality and minimize the risk of airborne contaminants. Committed to the well-being of its customers, AIRBOX continuously innovates to meet and exceed industry standards.

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