AIRBOX: The Trusted Compliance Leader In Cannabis Grade Clean Air Solutions.

AIRBOX Is The Industry Leader In Cannabis Compliance.

With certified HEPA filtration down to 0.01 microns, commercial grade filtration efficiency, and Smart Fleet Management for full control, American made AIRBOX air purifiers are an essential addition to any cannabis consumption, cultivation, or manufacturing facility that needs to meet cannabis compliance ordinances. 

Consumption Facilities: Provide Safe, Clean Air That Meets Compliance Standards And Avoids Fines

Designed and built to specific standards, AIRBOX is the only choice for maintaining ventilation compliance in cannabis
consumption lounges and other consumption facilities.

EPA registered, UL certified, and IEST certified, AIRBOX air purifiers will meet or exceed indoor air compliance requirements and provide a safe and healthy environment for staff and customers with air that meets OSHA standards.

Ensuring compliance for your cannabis lounge, club, or cafe early will help you avoid fines of up to $50,000 as regulations increase through further secondhand cannabis smoke research.


When cannabis is burned it becomes decarboxylated and releases a subset of VOCs made of sulfur compounds called volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs). This is what gives burned cannabis a persistent “skunk” odor that is difficult to mitigate. Most cannabis consumption lounges are required to mitigate odor at the property line. Using a highly effective multiple filter system involving antimicrobial, a proprietary blend of activated carbon, and certified HEPA filters, AIRBOX absorbs VSCs and VOCs to significantly mitigate odors derived from burned cannabis.


Smart Fleet Management makes long-term monitoring and remote control of air cleaning equipment easy. Setting your air cleaners on a set schedule helps reduce energy costs and increases the longevity of the filters. Using a cellular based monitoring system like Smart Fleet Management makes compliance risk free with the use of audible and visual notifications to alert the facility of any failures or maintenance issues with no need for Wi-Fi. Say goodbye to connectivity issues and IT nightmares.


Particulate matter is one of the most concerning indoor air pollutants in the cannabis space due to the particles generated by smoke and the ultra-fine particulate present in the cannabis environments. AIRBOX uses 99.99% IEST certified HEPA filters to ensure that any air circulating through the system is free of all particulate down to 0.01 Microns. AIRBOX air cleaners use high velocity airflow to ensure disruption of the breathing zone for occupants.


Since our inception, we have designed, manufactured, and certified all AirBox products to established industry standards. With our roots in the Industrial Ultra Clean Technologies and Life Science Industries, we didn’t think there was any other way. AIRBOX is the trusted partner to comply any ventilation standards in existence.


In addition to cannabis compliance ordinances, most cannabis lounges and cafes also need to meet Safe And Healthy Work Environment standards as outlined by OSHA. With AirBox, you can rest assured that you are providing a safe and healthy work space for your employees with air that meets OSHA standards.

Cultivation Facilities: Meet Compliance Standards While Maximizing Efficiency And Yield

On top of meeting compliance regulations and providing a safe working environment, improved air quality also increases crop yield by reducing airborne contaminants like mold, aspergillus, and mildew. Additionally, maintaining a clean environment and increasing airflow will protect your crop and reduce drying times. 


Cannabis odors are largely attributable to a class of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) called terpenes. The best way to mitigate odor is to filter and absorb these VOCs using a commercial grade proprietary blend activated carbon filter that cleanses the air of chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), bio effluents, and unpleasant odors.


VOCs interfere with the ground-level ozone by chemically reacting with other types of pollution, specifically, nitrogen oxides (NOx) while in sunlight. AIRBOX uses activated carbon and certified HEPA filters to reduce the amount of VOC emissions released from cultivation while simultaneously controlling odors, helping to protect the nearby environment and also reduce “nuisance odor” complaints.


AIRBOX uses activated carbon, antimicrobial, and certified HEPA filters to capture and eliminate contaminants like mold, mildew, and aspergillus that pose risk to your crop. Healthier air means a healthier crop, as well as a healthier bottom line. Improved air quality also facilitates cannabis drying times, thus increasing efficiency.

Manufacturing Facilities: Meet Compliance Standards And Maintain A Safe Work Environment

A cannabis manufacturing facility needs to be clean, efficient, and completely unadulterated by any airborne contaminants. Anything less than excellence could mean hefty fines, substandard product, or worse, severe health hazards for workers. AIRBOX units can be strategically placed in your facility to exceed cannabis compliance standards, reduce airborne contamination, and provide a safe working space for staff.


Reducing exposure to diacetyl, 2,3-pentanedione, and endotoxins is essential in any manufacturing facility that performs decarboxylation. Most of these chemicals are released due to the heat transference involved in decarboxylation, and AIRBOX can help mitigate these airborne toxins to protect staff and maintain the integrity of your product.


Smart Fleet Management™ puts you in control of each AIRBOX unit you have in your facility so you can keep an eye on every part of your operation 24/7. Be alerted of any service disruptions to mitigate safety risks before they can occur.


OSHA has reported serious health concerns (and even deaths) from unsafe cannabis manufacturing environments. Hazards of ground cannabis dust and toxic concentration of airborne VOCs, endotoxins, and fungi pose significant respiratory health risks to workers and also financial penalties to manufacturers of up to $50,000. Use AIRBOX to provide clean and safe air 24/7, ensuring worker health and safety as well as meeting compliance standards to avoid hefty fines or interruption of operations.


AIRBOX uses activated carbon, antimicrobial, and certified HEPA filters to capture and eliminate contaminants like mold, mildew, and aspergillus that pose risk to your product. Use AIRBOX to capture and remove any contaminants before they ever get close to your final product.

Testing Facilities

As we move towards the standardization of cannabis testing, removing any and all outside contaminants needs to be at the forefront of regulations. To ensure the trust of the cannabis community, these facilities should be maintaining cleanroom quality air, which outlines HEPA filtration as the trusted method for contamination control Adding a Safe Air Zone stamp on your facility gives your customers another layer of trust in your testing abilities.

Eliminate Contaminants

For a cannabis product to meet compliance, it must meet the state’s standards pertaining to pesticides, contaminants, mold, and mildew. AIRBOX uses a multi filtration system including certified HEPA, activated carbon, and antimicrobial layers to prevent product contamination. 

AIRBOX APEX 2.0 With Chem Shield Accessory Shroud

AIRBOX Apex 2.0 with Chem Shield Accessory Shroud is a portable industrial-grade air cleaning system which uses a 4-Stage Filtration System, including Chem Shield Advanced Molecular Adsorbent v-bank filter for heavier concentrations of unwanted gases, to provide Equivalent Clean Airflow (VACS). The additional filter stages from this accessory shroud were designed to target and neutralize high levels of chemical contaminants and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in
commercial and industrial environments. 

Download the spec sheets below for full technical, compliance, and performance specifications. 

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Why Do You Need Air Purification?

Ventilation May Not Be Enough To Meet Compliance.

Standard HVAC ventilation is not effective enough to meet cannabis compliance regulations, and installing additional bulky and expensive ventilation systems can be far too costly. AIRBOX can provide supplemental ventilation solutions to achieve any compliance requirements

AIRBOX is a technical leader in clean commercial air solutions. With over 30 years of experience in the construction and certification of the cleanest environments in the world, AIRBOX is the obvious choice for any cannabis facility that takes compliance seriously.

Get A FREE Odor Abatement Plan

Depending on which state you reside in, you may be subject to an engineering assessment as part of a state mandated odor abatement plan. You must also be able to monitor and control your equipment to mitigate malfunctions, which can be easily performed with AIRBOX Smart Fleet Management™. Call us now to help you prepare a FREE odor abatement plan. 

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