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In 2017, Tim Self, the founder of AirBox, was inspired to create a safe air solution that would help improve the health and safety of close friends and family. He leveraged his decades of experience in the cleanroom design, construction, and certification and created a prototype air purifier designed for home use.

Tim’s original vision may have been aimed at close friends and family, but it didn’t take long for others to notice. Nationwide, decision-makers at businesses and schools were growing increasingly concerned about poor indoor air quality. At the same time, the early AirBox team began to notice that their own families spent nearly as much time at school or working in offices or manufacturing facilities as they did at home— and they had little to no assurances about the indoor air quality in those spaces.

These realizations led AirBox to refocus early in the company’s history, pivoting to the commercial market. Self turned his focus to creating a best-in-class commercial-grade solution that could thoroughly and safely clean the air in these larger, more populated spaces to keep learning and working environments safer.

Fast-forward a few years, and concerns about indoor air quality skyrocketed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Having already developed a full line of commercial safe air solutions scientifically proven to remove pathogens and particulates from the air, AirBox was ready to meet this newfound need.

AirBox produces state-of-the-art commercial-grade air purifiers developed by one of the leaders in cleanroom technology and customized Safe Air Plans built by our skilled engineering team. We’re proud to be a women-owned small business that makes all its products in the USA, right here in our North Carolina production facility. Our vision is to provide the American people with an effective indoor clean air solution that will provide safer learning, working, and living environments.


AM Technical Solutions (AM), founded in 1994, is a proven and licensed architect, engineering, and construction firm. AM delivers the entire scope of work for high-tech construction projects on schedule, on budget, and at the level of quality required by customers.
The AM core foundation was built on quality programs that optimized semiconductor facility operations. As the company developed, AM added core competencies on pre-construction, procurement, and construction. Further, through strategic acquisitions, we added design, commissioning, and validation to create a complete end-to-end solution for high-tech construction project delivery.
Bringing together key areas of expertise that include A&E, design, and engineering. AM quality construction professionals boast more than 20 years of individual success, assuring the early integration of all requirements to meet quality standards.
AM’s deep involvement in the semiconductor industry, including manufacturing and operations, has allowed implementation of Lean throughout the company to support their ability to deliver on schedule, cost, and quality.
Also, because AM understands construction needs and the impact on manufacturing, they are capable of anticipating the operational needs of each customer to deliver added value well beyond construction.
AM has a focus on the total cost of ownership because 80 percent of the building’s cost is after handover.
Through a proven process, dynamic capabilities, and deep industry relationships, AM is capable of pulling together globally-integrated teams that deliver projects right the first time.
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