AIRBOX Founder and Lead Engineer Tim Self to Speak at MJ Biz Con 2023

Las Vegas, NV – AIRBOX, a leading provider of air quality monitoring and control solutions, is proud to announce that Tim Self, the company’s Founder and Lead Engineer, will be speaking at the upcoming MJ Biz Con 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Self will be discussing the importance of air quality standards in the cannabis industry, as well as the expansion of consumption facilities throughout the country and how AIRBOX’s air purifiers can help businesses comply with regulatory requirements.

“Maintaining optimal air quality is essential for cannabis cultivators and manufacturers, but it is equally if not more important for businesses that operate consumption facilities,” said Self. “As more states legalize cannabis and expand access to consumption facilities, it’s crucial that these businesses maintain air quality standards to ensure the health and safety of their patrons. I look forward to discussing how AIRBOX air purifiers can help businesses comply with regulatory requirements and create a safe and enjoyable environment for their staff and customers.”

“We are thrilled to have Tim Self representing AIRBOX at MJ Biz Con 2023 and sharing his expertise on air quality standards,” said AIRBOX President, Meredith Teague. “Tim’s knowledge and experience in air purification technology are unparalleled, and we believe his insights will be invaluable for both operators and regulators looking to learn more about regulatory compliance and best practices in the cannabis industry.”

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AIRBOX is a woman-owned company that specializes in creating high-quality air purifiers for the cannabis industry. All AIRBOX products are proudly made in the USA, using state-of-the-art technology to provide a multi-stage filtration system that removes contaminants, odors, and other airborne particles. Their advanced HEPA technology is designed to help businesses maintain optimal air quality and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, AIRBOX is dedicated to providing innovative air purifier solutions that meet the unique needs of the cannabis industry.

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